We live in a world where internet access is increasingly becoming mandatory and for most of us, our Wi-Fi network is our wireless gateway to the internet. We protect this gateway by securing it with a password and more often with a WPA security protocol, which is considered to be bulletproof.


Androdumpper for pc

But, what will happen in case you forget your password? Do you have any option to retrieve it? Well, the answer is in affirmative. There is a new, free, open-source tool called Androdumpper that can be used to crack the passwords of most of the routers available today.

How to Proceed?

The very first requirement is to download Androdumpper for PC from the link. This amazing application connects in two ways.

  • Root Method: This method supports all the android versions but should be rooted.
  • No Root Method: This supports only Lollipop, which is Android 5 and above.

Those Using Android 5 and Up: You can use this application if you are not rooted, but for the password to show rooting is mandatory. In case you are rooted, you will get the option of choosing either of the methods and in both cases you can show the password.

Those Using Android 4.4 and Earlier: You cannot use the application if you are not rooted as it is mandatory for you to be rooted for connecting as well as showing password

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to proceed.

  • Enabling your Wi-Fi is the very first step. For that, go to the settings of your Android device and enable it
  • Next, open AndroDumpper.
  • Once you do that, wait for few seconds till Wi-Fi scans the networks. A list of all networks, including those protected through WPS will be displayed. Now try to connect to those networks that are WPS protected.
  • If you were rooted and using Android 5 and up, then you will get an option to choose from rooted and no root. You can pick any to connect and to show password.
  • Once you choose either, the next options you get will be for ‘Try With’. Here you will get options of Custom PIN, No Custom PIN and exclusively for rooted user Bruteforce.
  • The app will now try to connect to the network. In case it succeeds, the Network Details window will pop-up. It will have details of the network name along with the password. You can note down that password and you are in for all future uses.

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Androdumpper for windows

It is quite possible that AndroDumpper does not succeed as some access points might not be affected by WPS bug. Also, if the router you are trying to get into does not have a fixed pin buy only the WPS Push Button, then too this application won’t work as it tries to get into the system using fixed.

Androdumpper for iphone

2.17 is its current version. AndroDumpper is primarily developed for totally testing and educational purposes and should not be used for hacking purposes. Using it for unethical things like hacking defeats the very purpose of developing it. This application tries to connect to WPS-enabled Wi-Fi Routers through WPS vulnerability. For this, it uses some algorithms to connect to the Wi-Fi. If you are a fan of the app, don’t forget to download it from the given link.

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