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Design and style

There are number of hipper-on the lookout headphones than the Seattle Urbanista, with their smooth, minimalist, branding-free type element and conspicuous absence of buttons other than the simple on-off change protruding daintily from the proper cup.


The headband is coated in smooth-contact plastic, the earcups are coated in faux leather, and the plastic of the outer cup has a velvety come to feel. There is no branding or detailing of any variety – just your preferred colour, in matte, providing the Urbanista a satisfying, useful, unitary appearance. It’s almost surprising (but wholly welcome) that you can fold them up, though the earcups do not swivel.

In terms of consolation, these are really considerably unimprovable. At 172g they are exceptionally light-weight, and they clamp firmly to your head, so that you never ever have to worry about them falling off or moving, even during a vigorous operate. The memory foam (at minimum, we imagine it’s memory foam) in the earcups provides excellent passive sounds reduction though staying breathable plenty of that your ears never ever get sweaty or uncomfortable. These cans just disappear.


To preserve the Seattle’s clean up strains, Urbanista has arrive up with an ingenious and problematic contact control method. The proper earcup is contact-delicate, and a wide range of faucets and swipes allow you increase the quantity, pause a observe, skip to the next observe, answer calls, and so on.

On the facial area of it this is fine. It takes a number of goes to learn the feat of accomplishing contact gestures on a surface that you can’t see, but as soon as you get used to it you’ll be able to make use of the aspect reasonably straightforwardly. Nevertheless, if our experience is nearly anything to go by, 95% of the gestures you execute in the 1st 7 days will be unintended as you accidentally brush your headphones though placing on a hat, or scratching your head, or no matter what.

Eventually, you’ll start to sustain a type of invisible barrier all over your proper ear, unconsciously keeping away from all get hold of with it, indicating the controls do not genuinely get in the way soon after a number of preliminary times of discomfort. But are these contact controls a superior detail? The jury’s out.

Usually, the Urbanista Seattle has really considerably the options you’d hope for headphones in this cost variety: Bluetooth 4., a mic for calls, a respectable 12-hour battery lifetime, but no aptX or NFC. The Bluetooth link is generally stable, with absolutely no hiss or static.


The Urbanista Seattle is incredibly superior worth for income when it comes to sound. The bass is sharp and punchy, the mids are assertive plenty of that vocals come to feel incredibly existing, and the treble is clean up and wealthy. The separation and soundstage are equally highly creditable – significantly in this cost variety – making it possible for you to select out and find distinct instruments plainly.

Just about every style of audio shines, but supporters of people and acoustic songs in particular will recognize the clean up, wealthy sound and the great, hiss-free stillness. It doesn’t make any difference, though – whether you’re listning to thrash metallic, hip-hop, or classical audio it’s unachievable to be let down.

Of study course, these are not quality audiophile headphones, and you’ll detect a big difference in terms of clarity and refinement between them and, say, the Sennheiser Momentum, but which is variety of beside the place. The Urbanista Seattle expenditures a lot less than fifty percent as considerably, and it’s very easily additional than fifty percent as superior.

The AKG Y50BT is a solid different in terms of sound, and almost certainly narrowly outclasses the Urbanista Seattle on that entrance, but AKG’s cans are additional expensive, and really considerably everything else about them is less desirable. We wouldn’t swap.

In general

The Urbanista Seattle is a bizarre and fantastic pair of headphones. In terms of sound, consolation, and fashion, they casually outclass everything in their cost variety. No matter if you’re going for a operate, sitting down at household on the couch, or strutting by way of city, they are uncannily great for the task, and they’ll promptly become your go-to cans.

They’re a superior pair of headphones than you would moderately hope to select up for under £70, which is what they at the moment – and routinely – cost on Amazon. With their slightly obscure brand title and sophisticated seems, they seem to be a organic applicant for the ‘style above substance’ category, but they’re accurately the opposite of that. Their nod to stylishness – an progressive contact interface to maintain them smooth – is their only vulnerability.

Fortunately, in every respect that genuinely counts, from sound to consolation to versatility, they are absolutely brilliant.

Specs (from the Urbanista web site):

  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • Speaker sizing: φ40mm
  • Sensitivity: 97dB±3dB At 1KHz
  • Impedance: 26Ω10﹪
  • Frequency: 20-20.000Hz
  • Palms-free with microphone and quantity control
  • Stand-by time: 500h
  • Engage in time: 12h
  • Charging: Micro USB, <2.5hrs charging time
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows
  • Weight: 172g (without packaging)
  • Weight including packaging: 566g
  • Package size: 200x200x85mm

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